Shihan Ryan Chamberland

ShihanRyan Chamberland has been studying the martial arts for 24 years. He has trained in a wide range of systems like: Kosho Ryu Kempo, Shaolin Five Animal Kung Fu, Jui Jitsu as well as Vale Tudo, Kickboxing, assorted Chinese and Japanese weapons, Sala De Armas Diestro Escrima and Jeet Kune Do. Shihan teaches all over the country and demostrated his skills also in competition many of times. Please free to email any questions you might have inregards to martial arts training

  • 1993 PKL Ranked Number 1 Nationally in Fighting and 4th in Weapons
  • 1994 Ranked Top 10 Fighters on the Point Circuit United States
  • 1995 Ranked 1st on the Ippone Fighting Circuit
  • 2001 Ranked 1st in Fighting for S.M.A.R.T.
  • 2002 Ranked 1st in Fighting and Forms for S.M.A.R.T.
  • Team USA Member and Assistant Coach in Jamaica
  • All Star Team Member and Assistant Coach in Hawaii
  • One of the Top Grapplers in Maine
  • One of the First Instructors in Maine to Rank in Filipino Arts

United Fitness & Martial Arts Studio also has a great Leadership Team for support and to make learning enjoyable!

Sensei Kiara Simonds

3rd Degree Black Belt, has been training in Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo under Shihan Ryan Chamberland since 2006.  Through her training she has developed excellent leadership skills and is a member of Shihan Ryan’s Leadership Team.  With the Leadership Team, Sensei Kiara has attended trainings on further developing her leadership skills through the Kovar Systems innovative programs.

Sensei Kiara has been a member of Team KICKSUSA, coached by Shihan Ryan Chamberland and Kyoshi Brent Crisci since 2008.  On Team KICKSUSA she has been able to compete across Maine and New England as part of the S.M.A.R.T. and I.P.P.O.N.E. circuits, where she placed in the top of her division in the state for the year and New England for the year, in weapons, forms, and fighting, multiple years in a row.  Most recently, Sensei Kiara has been able to expand her competitions to the KRANE and NASKA circuits, competing in other states outside of New England, as well as in Quebec, Canada and Cancun, Mexico. In addition to her own competitions, Sensei Kiara has joined the ranks of her coaches and is now a coach for Team United, Team KICKSUSA, and the Kosho Warriors fight team.

Sensei River Coron

Sensei River Coron has been training in Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo since 2006 under the Instruction of Shihan Ryan Chamberland. I began Martial Arts as a wild multi sport athlete before jumping into our After School Program with Grand Master Bob Hoe. I trained for 5 years before joining the Leadership Team, participating in many in state tournaments, seminars & events throughout my childhood. I was a member of our Leadership Team for 8 years from 2011 to 2019, before becoming the Chief Instructor of the children’s Martial Arts programs in the beginning of 2019. I earned my Junior Black Belts in 2013 & 14 before obtaining Yudansha in 2016 under Shihan Ryan, Kyoshi Crisci & Hanshi Juchnyk. As of 2021 I am a Third Degree Black Belt in the Kosho Ryu Kempo system.

As an Instructor I have been able to travel in state & out of state to participate in seminars & programs with many different Instructors. I have completed Instructor programs through Kyoshi Dave Kovar & Kyoshi Tony Fournier as well as frequently trained with Grand Master Bob Hoe & Hanshi Bruce Juchnyk. 

Under Shihan Ryan I also study Majapahit Escrima & currently hold the rank of Likas Dalawa.